CS-Cart Ultimate/Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Ultimate/Multi-Vendor 4.15.1.SP1


The key feature of Multi-Vendor Ultimate lets you grow your marketplace beyond one site. Create storefronts on different domains. Limit them to specific countries, with specific currencies, languages, and vendors, if necessary.
For example, if you have an international marketplace, you can create a storefront for British customers at example.com/uk, uk.example.com, or any other domain. It can be configured to show prices only in GBP, have only the English language, and offer products only from a select few vendors.
Own Look and Content for Storefronts
COMING IN 4.11.1
Make your storefronts look different from each other. Tailor them to the needs of their audiences even further.
  • Own themes: a distinct look for each storefront, with own colors, fonts, logos, backgrounds, and styles. Match the appearance of your various storefronts to their products or the preferences of their audiences.
  • Own layouts and blocks: create storefronts with entirely different structure and content. Show different banners, test how a block with discounts on the home page affects your sales in a country, and so on. Everything in Multi-Vendor is displayed via blocks, so the possibilities are limitless.
  • Own payment and shipping methods: make checkout easier from your customers by showing only the most relevant payment and shipping options.
Fully Independent Stores for Vendors
We are considering to take storefronts even further. If we do that, your vendors will be able to create independent stores on their own domains. While working in their admin panels, vendors won’t even notice they are a part of a larger marketplace. Until it’s time for a monthly or yearly fee, that is.
With independent stores, you can grow from a marketplace to a cloud ecommerce platform like Shopify, Merchium, or other SAAS solution.
For now, we’re still thinking if we should go into this direction. It depends on the demand.
If you’re interested, let us know and tell us how you’d use this feature.
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