[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

[DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.6.1

Update highlights
This version updates the Profile Music widget to no longer exclude Hidden purchases, as well as fixing a couple reported issues.
Complete Change Log
Change: Profile Music items that were hidden from the postbit will now be shown in the profile widget
Fix: Fix CSRF error when approving items via the action bar
Fix:Purchases added via the AdminCP will now correctly trigger activation if they are inserted as active
Update highlights

This version fixes a regression from 6.4.4 that could cause glitches in configurable items, as well as fixes an issue with copying items.

Complete Change Log

Fix: Copying items would produce a server error in certain circumstances
Fix: Fix an issue where item configuration would be incorrectly cached, leading to glitches in things like user name colours
Update highlights

This version changes the way currencies are displayed in the postbit and fixes a couple minor issues.
Change: Ensure currency display in the postbit is displayed inline
Fix: Fix an issue where an icon would not be resized if the proportions were too misaligned
Fix: Fix an issue with merging users
Update highlights

This version fixes a few issues discovered in the previous version, based on reports from our community.

Complete Change Log

Fix: If a user is deleted, the purchase records would not be cleaned correctly
Fix: Worked around a race condition where the points column was deleted