[DCom] Joint Purchases

[DCom] Joint Purchases 1.1.3

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This plugin will allow you to organize joint purchases on your forum.
Several shopping scenarios are possible. At the moment it is:
  • clubhouse with a limited number of participants
  • pool with an unlimited number of participants
  • wholesale purchase with a limited number of participants
A fallback list is also configured:
  • with the ability to purchase
  • only to replace the vacant places that have appeared on the main list
Purchase payment:
  • automatic, through built-in payment profiles
  • manually to the details of the organizer. When an organizer is appointed, a window appears for entering payment details, and then when you go to the payment stage, these details are automatically sent to purchase participants.
The change of stages of the purchase takes place automatically.
At the payment stage:
  • when recruiting participants, after reaching the specified number of participants.
  • if the purchase is with an unlimited number of participants, then when the number of participants is reached, when the estimated fee drops to the minimum payment set in the settings
At the distribution stage:
  • after payment of all participants of the main list through payment gateways
  • manually by the organizer when paying according to the details of the organizer
To the "Closed" stage:
  • After receiving the product through private messages. The organizer presses the button Distribute the product, a correspondence is created with all participants who paid for the product.
  • After the opening of the correspondence by each participant in the purchase, a mark is automatically created on receipt of the product. In this type of correspondence, the "mark not read" function is disabled.
Shared purchases are made as a separate content type and are integrated into the main forum functions such as Search, User Statistics, What's New, Widgets, etc.

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