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Are you interested in a faster and easier way to build internal links? If so, Link Whisper is a tool that can help you gain the value of powerful internal links without having to manually build them.


Link Whisper quietly and quickly “whispers” contextual internal link suggestions that can both help your readers better find content on your site and helps Google rank your site better due to the improved link structure.

Google, Moz, Search Engine Land, and even Bing knows that internal links are important. Link Whisper helps you take what was once a time-intensive chore (that gets even bigger as your site grows) and turns it into an opportunity for you to have a better-optimized site than your competitors.


Links Whisper is smart. Powered by artificial intelligence, Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article…right within the WordPress editor.

Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

Just copy the link suggestion and then paste where suggested. Internal links done.

Don’t want to have to copy and paste links or worry about creating anchor text? Try the Premium version of Link Whisper to get a much more hands-off experience.


Ever wondered if you have any “orphan” content out there that doesn’t have a single internal link built to it?

With Link Whisper you can quickly see which pages have very little or no internal links pointing to them.

In addition to the number of links pointing to a given post, the reports page also shows how many outbound internal links and external links are coming from each article.

Want much more in-depth reporting? In Link Whisper Premium you get full internal link error reporting; including broken links, 404 errors, and much more. Plus you have the ability to quickly fix or remove those broken links right from within Link Whisper.

Check out Link Whisper Premium right here.


If you want to fine-tune the link suggestions for your site, you have that capability.

Within the settings, you can ask link whisper to ignore certain words or phrases in order to get the optimal linking opportunities for your site.

Want to open all internal links in a new tab? No problem! Link Whisper has an optional setting for that.


You can see everything offered in the premium version of Link Whisper Right Here.

  • [Premium feature] – Add multiple links at once with anchor text already selected. Just check the box and click down and Link Whisper automatically adds the links in WordPress for you. (No need to copy and paste one at a time).
  • [Premium feature] – Ability to add inbound internal links to old pages that may have been orphaned or simply need more internal link “juice”. The feature alone can have a massive impact on your rankings in Google.
  • [Premium feature] – Add, edit, or delete links quickly to any page on your site directly from the reports page.
  • [Premium feature] – Edit sentences right within Link Whisper (huge time saver), click to alter anchor text, or add custom URLs.
  • [Premium feature] – Ignore certain URLs or categories on site so Link Whisper doesn’t ever suggest those as link opportunities. Take more control over the link structure of your site.
  • [Premium feature] – Auto-linking. Set your keywords and the URLs you want those keywords to link to. Link Whisper will automatically find all mentions of those keywords and link to the location of your choice. Super powerful and you have control to link only once per post if you want.
  • [Premium feature] – Bulk link changer. Has your site ever changed URL structure? You can now change the old URL to a new URL across every mention on your site with the click of a button.
  • [Premium feature] – Broken link checker. Link Whisper can check your site for broken links and allow you to edit or delete them. Getting a lot of false positives? Link Whisper will double check its findings over a period of time to make sure the link really is broken and not temporarily unavailable.
  • [Premium feature] – Get cross-site linking suggestions. You can “connect” multiple sites running Link Whisper Premium to each other, and Link Whisper will show you relevant linking suggestions between them.
See a demo video and a full list of features of Link Whisper Premium right here.
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