Forgot Your Password? Google Will Soon Let You Log In With Android Phone

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You will soon be able to log in to most if not all Google properties, including Gmail, with nothing more than your smartphone! That means you don’t have to remember your password or deal with a clunky password manager. Google had already enabled this feature for the Play store and a few select other properties but now intends to roll it out company-wide.

The new login tools are expected to come online over the next few days and will be available on all Android 7 and above devices. For now, Google has not announced when the feature will allow you to log into Gmail and other Google properties.

The new tools may also allow you to log into non-Google sites. It’s already possible to log into many websites automatically with your Gmail account, eliminating the need to fill out cumbersome forms and the like.

Once the features are in place, you’ll be able to use your smartphones thumbprint reader or lock screen to authenticate yourself and access Google services. The new sign-in method will be based on industry-accepted W3C WebAuthn, FIDO CTAP, and FIDO2 standards.

Want to give the new login method a go? Unlock your Android device and pull up Chrome. Then, head to Once there, you should be able to follow the instructions to set everything up.

Gmail now has over 1.5 billion active users, making it the most popular email provider in the world by a long shot. In comparison, Microsoft’s Outlook has about 400 million users. Meanwhile, Android is found on over 75 percent of smartphones. All things considered, the new login method could make life easier for millions, if not billions, of people.

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