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Команда форума
13 Сен 2019
These rules describe only the ideological core of this forum and certain specific situations. They are not exhaustive, since we do not want to waste your time on obvious things. Nevertheless, it is still possible to come to a reasonable conclusion in most cases after reading the following.
1. Principles:
  1. This forum serves as a storage of knowledge, experience and answers to questions linked to the use and development. When leaving a message in the forum, please remember that it may be read a few years after being posted, and it must still be pertinent and helpful.
  2. It is a center of discussions where ideas and experience are shared; each user is an independent individual and does not owe anything to anybody. Users help each other voluntarily in the limits of their knowledge and experience.
  3. First familiarize yourself with the wiki and the forum’s search function. When asking a question, please be precise on the specifics of your problem. The clearer it is, the faster will you get an answer. Unfortunately, there are very few mind-readers on the net.
  4. All materials that find themselves on the forum reflect exclusively the views of their authors. The forum’s administrators do not verify the credibility of such materials, give any guarantees regarding them nor do they bare any responsibility regarding their content. Only the authors bare that responsibility.
  5. When filing or commenting on a complaint, the author attests that he alone, not the administration of, bares the responsibility of the complaint’s content. The author must realize that if his complaint contains unimportant, untrue or offensive information, then it might affect the responsibility according to the rules.
  6.’s administration is not responsible for the content of the messages posted by its users.
  7. Commercial activities on the forum. We are absolutely not opposed to lucrative transactions between users, since was created for sales and purchases. There is only one condition: you must be a good specialist in the services that you provide. You can carry forward your services through the forum, but our community must benefit from you and then we will have enough morale and financing. Please remain within reasonable boundaries while promoting your services.
2. It is forbidden to:
  1. Use profane or vulgar language.
  2. Express negative emotions except in the form of a constructive critic. Abuse the BB-code, uppercase and causing major disruption. Break the principles of basic human communication, acting Estonian legislation, lie, spread disinformation.
  3. Placing commercials, banners or advertisements anywhere on the forum. We do not oppose commercial activity, but our forum is not a space for publicity. It is strictly a resource of information. All products, services, or other commercial offers can be listed under the site’s marketplace section.
  4. Create repeating themes, reposting messages. If you message has not been answered, then perhaps nobody can or will answer it. Messages in the form of “Well, does anybody have an answer?” will only have a negative effect.
  5. Any suggestion about infringing the license of other products. For example, the spreading or sale of someone else's add-on after purchase, the exchange of a metered module (in a case where the user is using an add-on the purchase of which he cannot prove, such add-ons are considered unlicensed, and the user might be banned from the forum for the use of pirated add-ons) etc.
  6. Start an international, inter racial, religious hate and personal insults or attacks.
  7. Use “fakes” in order to boost one’s reputation.
  8. Besmirch someone else's reputation (each case is treated separately).
  9. Create themes on “correcting certain mistakes made in the works of a certain site”
3. Rules regarding the work with paid add-ons:
  1. All add-ons acquired in the forum at are subject to author copyrights owned by the users that are selling them
  2. When purchasing a module you obtain the right only to use the add-on. You do not become the owner of the copyrights of such add-ons.
  3. You cannot pass along, distribute, sell, or lease any part of the add-on. You cannot put those add-ons on other sites where they may be available for download.
  4. In the case you place our software in a free access place, we reserve ourselves the right to block your access to . As a result, you will lose the ability to download add-ons which were acquired by you and their future updates.
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