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13 Сен 2019
Turn your mobile phone into the SMS Gateway for your applications.
  • Send SMS from your application developed using any programming language.
  • Send SMS with virtually no limit. You won’t be bound by SMS character limit (160 Characters).
  • Use CSV or Excel file containing numbers and messages in first two columns to send bulk messages.
  • Shows status of messages sent using SMS Gateway in Admin Panel.
  • Ability to receive messages in the Admin Panel and respond to them using a WebHook.
  • Ability to sign in using multiple Android devices to split messages between them when sending bulk messages.
  • Ability to create other users to let them use SMS Gateway from their mobile phones.
  • Send messages on schedule.
  • Send messages using any SIM programmatically or using Excel file.
  • Create contact lists and import contacts into them using Excel file.
  • Send message to contacts in a contacts list.
  • Ability to allow a contact to unsuscribe from the contacts list.
  • Add contacts or unsubcribe them from the list using the API.
If you want to try it out then register here. Follow the instruction you’ll receive in the email to get started.

To integrate into your application follow the guides on API page after logging in to the Admin Panel.

DEMO - https://codecanyon.net/item/sms-gateway/21419519